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Kay Mitchell - Bluebell Therapies 


Kay Mitchell of Bluebell Therapies has over 23 years of experience of helping her clients to restore an maintain the natural balance of the body.


They can gently encourage the mind and body to help us cope on a PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL level.


Mediation is also good for relaxing the mind and body and bringing calmness to our lives.

Aromatherapy - Massage - Reflexology - CranioSacral Therapy - Meditation

Wednesdays & Saturday appointments

Amy Thomas - Sports therapy  


Sports therapy focuses on the prevention of injury and the rehabiliation of the patient with aims to restore optimal levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness.


The form of therapy applies deep tissue treatment using a wide range of massage techniques. Massage can be used not only for sports injuries but also can help to alleviate stress and tension by manipulating areas of soft tissue.



Treatment can benefit those with:


* Muscle soreness


* Stress & Tension


* Poor circulation


* Musculo-skeletal imbalances


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